Bar/Venue App Features

Feature Drinks/Food Menus
Upload your drinks and food menus so customers can access them at any time. Include prices, descriptions, images and reviews. Give customers a chance to look at your menus before they visit.
Booking System
Offer a simple and convenient mobile booking system. Allow customers to book events from the calendar, book a table for sit-down meals and even send booking requests to hire your facilities.
Events Calendar
Use the calendar to list all of the events taking place in your pub or bar, such as open-mic nights, gigs and more. Set a limit on the amount of availabilities for each event and include full information.
Form Submissions
Our Forms tabs are completely customisable and perfect for capturing information. Create forms for registration, feedback and requests
Quick Sharing
The easiest way for customers to refer your App to their friends and family. By sharing the App, potential new customers have access to all the services they need to reach you.
Showcase Gallery
Showcase photos of your events, food and customer photos and let users rate and review them. Add a new tab and even pull in your Instagram profile!
One-Touch Calling/Emailing
User will never have to search for your contact information again. Our App offers multiple ways to contact you at the touch of a button, either by email, phone or instant message.
 Loyalty Schemes
Keep your customers coming back for more by adding a mixture of different loyalty schemes for your different customers. Create Stamp Cards, coupons and special offers that customers can redeem in the App.
 Push Notifications
Use Push Notifications to broadcast messages directly to your App users. Use the advanced control features to define who, where and when you send your messages.
Maps & Directions
Provide customers with directions to your business from wherever they are with the integrated Map and Location feature.
Social Media Integration
Integrate all your social platforms on your App. Encourage clients to recommend your salon via Facebook and Twitter and incentivise recommendations.
 Instant Messaging
Send instant messages to registered App users promoting new menus, events and special offers or discounts.

Create redeemable coupons that customers can access directly in your App.

These can be discounts on events, food or drinks.

75% of mobile users have used a mobile coupon

82% of consumers said digital coupons are more convenient than printed coupons

77% of smartphone users said mobile offers have a positive impact on their brand loyalty

59% said they would have a more positive opinion of a business if they could receive coupons and offers that could be saved on their smartphones

Use Push Notifications to broadcast messages directly to your App users

Advanced control features such as Scheduling, Targeting and Geo-Fencing allow you to define who, where and when you send your messages.

Send event or special offer reminders so customers don’t miss out.

Use the calendar to provide information on each of your events.

Display prices, information about the event and allow In-App booking.

The clear navigation means your customers can quickly and easily browse through your events calendar.

Group customers into VIPS, REGULARS, or NEW and create customised messages for each group.

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